Root rooted phone and need help with icons?

Ok I looked everywhere and didn't find nothing...ok I used the visionary temp root and uninstalled the apps and icons I didn't want and it was great, now I had to turn off the phone so I did all the steps again but now I uninstalled again the apps and this time the icons are still in the tray I click on them to see and it says .apk not found but the icons are still there... I want to delete them any help please!


Ok, first of all let's start with your root. You used Visionary but didn't do a permanent root? You should just make it permanent, it's not going to hurt your phone and you can reverse it.

Second, you do not need to be rooted or uninstall icons to change icons in your tray. (By tray I assume you're referring to your dock). Just start off with something like Launcher Pro and you'll be able to long-press any icon or empty space on the dock and assign whatever icon you would like.

Scroll down and look at my dock and you'll see I have it set to iPhone icons, this was pre-root.

In the future try to be more specific with exactly what you did (what you installed, etc) and what you were attempting to do (in your case you wanted new dock icons that sustain through a reboot) so it's easier to help you ;)