Root Rooted S3 Mini can't connect to PC


My newly rooted S3 Mini can't seem to connect to my laptop, I get the "USB device not recognised" message. So far, I've tried installing Kies, uninstalling Kies, reflashing, USB debugging on, USB debugging off, different cables, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and I also tried some fix where you dial *#7284# but I'm not very sure about that one.
For the record, the device comes up as recognised when I'm in ClockworkMod.

I have also tried manually selecting drivers from the device manager(chose SAMSUNG Android ADB Interface) which made Windows say "Installing this device driver is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware." Clicked continue anyway then got "Windows encountered a problem", "The device cannot start (Code 10)"

It's worth noting, I tried connecting the phone to another computer with the same problems so the problem seems to be the phone.