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Root Rooted, the Un-rooted.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mattbe213, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Dec 7, 2010

    Dec 7, 2010
    I successfully rooted my Inspire thanks to the guys at xda-developers. I used the Simple Root method. After some time playing around I felt like un-rooting. Multiple reasons: 1 - I was traveling that day, and my VERY limited data option was not very capable when it came to re-installing all of my apps. And I forgot to mention, another problem was that that option wiped the phone of all its contents. Started fresh, but with Superuser and Rom Manager this time around. Then, Superuser was forceclosing when Rom Manager was trying to gain root permissions to install ClockworkMod Recovery. After that, losing all of my info. left Android TRYING to regain all of my messaging threads that were previously on the phone. Android was (somewhat) successful in doing so, however it lost a few threads and most of the threads were only saved onto the servers about a month ago. And it (for some unknown reason) would not show names of the people that I had message threads with, but they were still in my contact book. So I then decided to (not knowing that I would lose them doing this) "import" my contacts from the SIM card to the phone. I realized that they were just making copies of what was already there, so I removed them (the wrong ones, I later found out). So I rebooted the phone and the message threads were correct. I thought it was a success. So I kept on tinkering with the newly rooted phone. I rebooted into HBOOT, and it checked the SD card for a file that was supposed to be gone from the phone after it was done rooting. If found an "update" and I assumed that it was a fix for the Superuser problem, since I dropped a Superuser fix into the root of the SD card. So I updated. When it booted back up I realized that I had made a big, big mistake. I saw the HTC loading screen. (The one you see when HTC Sense runs for the first time) And I had then realized that not only did I lose ALL of my stuff on my phone AGAIN, but this time, all of the contacts were GONE. It sucked. So from there I couldn't wait to be rid of root. And this morning, I got rid of root, but the S-ON tool that I downloaded would fail to operate correctly, so security is still OFF.

    These were mainly mistakes by me, but doing this I learned a lot of things about Android. Currently I am building my contacts back up, and am waiting to get back home to get my music synced back to the phone as well as pictures and videos. (I made a copy of my SD card on the computer)



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