Rooted to Fresh 2.1.1 - Cannot connect to HTC Sync


First time rooter and successfully rooted Fresh 2.1.1. I used the HTC sync to install the stock apk's, since they were removed from the ROM. Got a few successfully installed, then I got errors and could not install anymore. After a break I tried to connect to HTC sync, but now I'm unable to. I tried with usb debugger on and off without success. THanks for your help in Advance!


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Would you consider posting what you did, others may benefit from it. Thanks! :)

In order for the HTC Sync to work, I have to go to Settings>Applications and turn on the "Unknown Sources". This then connected me to HTC sync and allowed me to install applications.

Although it does not colve my problem of being able to install certain stock applications:
I was able to install:
Amazon MP3 Store
Sprint Navigation
Sprint NFL

I was unable to install:
HTC Footprints
Ringtone Trimmer

Looking at the files unzip from the .zip file, there's a pattern. The ones that I could not install have both a .apk and .odex files of the same name. While the programs that did install only have an .apk file. Maybe there's something to it. Does anyone have any thoughts?


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use Fresh Kitchen. place the APK files in the folder that will be created called my APK. then connect your phone and add them back in. worked for me on Fresh 2.1.1.... I did get an error AFTER the apps had been pushed back saying it couldn't do it,... but it did and they all work