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rooted wildfire with s on , and unlocked bootloader

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sachoosaini, May 7, 2012.

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    i just unlocked my wildfire from htcdev method. now l i have a wildfire with son and unlocked bootloader and hbot version 1.20.0000.. i used htcsupertool to root the phone completely and i got superuser installed in it, i tried to gain soff with it but it didn't allowed me to get soff and it showed a error and then it redirect me to htc dev website...:(i want to flash "cyanogenmod". last not the least i rooted the wildfire for overclocking the cpu. i came to know that i have to flash the kerenal for the same . but i nowhere able to find any solution for this. now i have rooted wildfire with "s on".. tell me how to gain soff and how to overclock the cpu. i am still on custom rom. is there is anyway to gain complete soff and anysoftware to just intall cyanogenmod on my wildfire.. i searched almost all threats but i vain unable to understand how to gain soff..can buzzdowngrade utility can help to gain soff.. please tell me any method to gain soff with minimum damage possibilities

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