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Rooted with HBoot 1.49??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ErisKlown, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. ErisKlown

    ErisKlown Member
    Thread Starter

    my phone when i recieved it had Hboot 1.47 and i ended up rooting my phone.have have been checking out the roms and just noticed my Hboot in 1.49 now.Should it be 1.49 now?? does it change when you root the phone ??

  2. GhotiPhish3

    GhotiPhish3 Newbie

    Eris on stock 1.5 before the OTA (and probably after OTA I'm not sure) had the HBOOT 1.47. ---. After rooting my 1.5 my HBOOT is 1.49.200.

    Usually if you accidentally installed the leak instead of rooting it would read 1.49.000. If it's .200 you should be good. I'm not 100% because I'm not a dev but there shouldn't be a problem.

    ..I'll let you know if my phone explodes though. :-D
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  3. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    Yes, it should be 1.49 when you root.
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  4. ErisKlown

    ErisKlown Member
    Thread Starter

    kk thanks guy.......had me worried since my orginal phone had the 1.49 HBoot from a leaked version of 2.1 and i ended up with so many problems and i got it replaced with the one i have now and noticed the 1.49.But checking it again i do have the .200 on the end and not the .000s.thank you for clearing that up,it had me worried

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