Root Rooting advantages help


What is the point to rooting my hero.


Check six!
1. Allows installation of third-party ROMs
2. Gives access to the entire device file system, allowing removal of unwanted system apps
3. Allows more comprehensive backup (see above)
4. Allows apps to have low-level access to OS functions, increasing functionality e.g. over/underclocking, location-based profiles

There are no doubt more I've missed - check the stickied Guide at the top of this forum for further insights.


custom roms is properly the biggest point in my opinion i don't even want to think about the stock rom that seems to be permanent seeing as 2.1 is still not released here in canada.
hell i have been using froyovillan for the last 2 weeks and i find it has been more stable then 1.6 was in the first place.


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Although technically it's possible to root without also switching to a custom firmware, I agree with Mojo; they're a massive improvement over the official firmware.