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Rooting ALPS A610 on KitKat (4.4.2)

Discussion in 'Official Unloved Devices Hit Squad (OUDHS)' started by elk1007, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Unless there is some interest, I will not be uploading my moded rom (with root and internal memory increase) until I have time to reset it to stock and create a dump.

    Warning: In progress tutorial below...

    I have solved this problem myself and successfully rooted Alps A610 on Kitkat (4.4.2).

    Phone Information:

    Board: MTK6572
    Model: A610
    Man.: ALPS
    Android: 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
    Kernal: 3.4.67
    Build: ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1


    Here's how:

    -Set USB Debugging > On

    -Download MTKDroidTools v 2.5.3

    -Connect device (verify connection on MTKDroidTools)

    -Click 'Scatter from File' to create a memory map of your device. Save it to desktop.

    -Open the (MT6572_Android_scatter.txt) file, and search for 'recovery'.

    -Find the hex value after recovery called phsyical_start addr, and copy it. (mine was 0x2380000)

    -Now download Smart Phone Flash Tool v5.1532, open readback tab, and click add

    -after line has been added, click it to change things, leave start address alone and set the second address to what you copied (in my case, 0x2380000)

    -Turn off the phone and plug it into your computer.

    -Click Read Back <-

    -Hold POWER + VOLUME UP until the phone vibrates

    -Let install finish in SPFT and save Rom_0 to desktop.

    -Go back to MTKTools and click on the To process file rom to flash tool. Select the Rom_0.

    -Now you can use the download tab on SPFT to overwrite specific memory.

    -Overwrite the recovery partition with one made from CFW Creator for MTK Phones.

    ~Still updating. Links to come~

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  2. Hey I got a device thats a "alps" with mtk6572 in it....hidden under the BootLogoSwitch is really a Bobarry (whatever that is)... But question is will your project work for another device running on KitKat 4.4.2 with mtk6572 init?

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