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I have a Nexus S on at&t. A while a go i rooted it and its been pretty great, but i heard that the nexus s is getting an update to ics and i have a couple of questions

a)When the update comes, will i get it?

b)Will i be able to update even though i rooted?

c)Will i be able to use titanium back up to restore my settings even though it is the stock ics? or while i have to get a rooted version of ics as well.

d)When will the update come out?

e)Is there a rooted version of ics for the Nexus S?


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well ...

a) it sould not be long now ,considering the other two models got it

b) you can update from ...let's say CM7/MIUI to stock 4.0.* but you will loose root ! and YES you will be able to receive OTA's then

c)you can use Titanium backup and restore settings ,but keep in mind that not all the apps run on ICS right now !

d)there are rooted versions of ICS - one is from CM and one from Drew Garren ,at least of these i know about :)

BUT ...keep in mind that ICS is really not a good choice right now ,read related posts ans what problems we are experiencing with it :|
Ive rooted my galaxy nexus ics 4.0.2 gsm using it with tmobile. Now google maps when not on wifi show a location approximate to 2500 meters and when on wifi 30 meters. Before rooted it was good since the walking directions were very accurate. any ideas?


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@magjistari :

What rom are you using ?

Ever considered the idea that it is because of the Gmaps update ? I often get errors because of the update ,not the rom/phone itself !