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ROOTING: anything and everything

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by noonehereyet, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...
    Thread Starter

    Since I have yet to receive my Cliq.... if anyone else has and confirm that the 1 click root exploit works because it's still running 1.5 and can confirm it please let me know...

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  2. JoeCoolTM

    JoeCoolTM Newbie

    The Sprint HTC hero has been rooted,and all other root methods,like the CLIQ have failed. but this should work on the CLIQ/DROID....
    Finally there may be root access for the CLIQ! Here is a quick How To for everyone.
    Thanks Geoff!
    Thanks XDA-Developers (as always!)!
    Thanks JManley69 for brining the procedure from Sprint Community!
    Thanks Sprint Community!
    I. Before You Begin
    You need to be able to access the phone via ADB.
    Follow this procedure to get ADB setup on your CLIQ
    How To Setup ADB/
    Install USB Drivers
    II. Root the CLIQ
    1. Download the following file and then unzip it.
    2. Take the unzipped file and save it into the Tools folder of your AndroidSDK.
    3. Plug your phone in via USB and do NOT mount the SD card.
    4. Open the Command Prompt and type the following (hitting enter at the end of every line):
    cd AndroidSDK\Tools\
    adb devices
    And make sure your phones
  3. tep065

    tep065 Lurker

  4. JoeCoolTM

    JoeCoolTM Newbie

    before or after you installed the drivers?

    and yeah im really new to droid and everything
    what is rooting?
    and is it easy for a beginner or is it better to leave to developers?
  5. drewbdope

    drewbdope Newbie

    I hope this works. I want to root because I undderstand the fundamentals, but what are the raw advantages of rooting. Somoene send me a sign :)
  6. JoeCoolTM

    JoeCoolTM Newbie

    hey drewbdope
    when you disengaged your blur was there a big performance boost? like noticeable or just a little faster and not as laggy? or none at all
    just curious
  7. drewbdope

    drewbdope Newbie

    Well, I have it so that I'm using the blur service itself to back up my contacts, etc. But I signed off of the accounts and trashed the widgets and it freed up almost 10MB. It makes the phone run faster through screens and yeah not as laggy. And the boost? The boost comes in battery life! Without those widgets constantly pulling info my battery lasts much longer. One day I will run it to the ground and time it so I can give you a number.
  8. tep065

    tep065 Lurker

    It was after i installed the drivers..adb would not see the phone until i did
  9. NiNi

    NiNi G1/Cliq Guide

    has this actually been tested on more then 1 device? do we have other opinions on those who have done this?
  10. snuffop

    snuffop Lurker

    I get the same result .. on OSX Snow Leopard

    No Joy.
  11. skuggi

    skuggi Lurker

    This exploit type is patched in the CLIQ's kernel, not gonna work. Still trying to find another work around but so far everything has come up empty. There is a way, somewhere, we just have to stumble upon it. Also MOTO is pretty big on not giving us any bones so it's just going to take some time, no security is perfect.

    The only TIP I would give, is don't accept any updates. Everyone is trying to bust it open from where it's at now.
  12. wesgarner

    wesgarner Lurker

  13. Jr33

    Jr33 Newbie

    This is pretty good stuff. Now we just need some dev to jump all over this! Tempted to buy Cyanogen a Cliq lol
  14. tep065

    tep065 Lurker

    no doubt :). There is someone in XDA that said they are making a custom ROM for cliq from the source...but would still need root to apply it :D So..once root is found we'll have at least one option
  15. Jr33

    Jr33 Newbie

    that's good to hear somebody is gonna do something for the cliq. if the signature is in the source code, then whoever is developing could just create a custom rom that already has root and sign with the moto sig and we would be golden!
  16. phungked

    phungked Newbie

    Hi, i've hit up numerous unlocking companies (one of which i frequent before)

    they said t-mobile/other servers are down and unable to unlock my phone for 2-3 weeks.. anybody know whats going on? I just bought this phone today (sold my unlocked g1, got this, now i have no working phone on my att sim, fml)

    does anyone know a loophole around this? Anyone else can unlock? Can motorola themselves unlock? Just looking for answers, thank you! And oh yeah, this is my first post.. hehe ^_^ android forever!
  17. Jr33

    Jr33 Newbie

    the service provider is the one you have to depend on for the unlock code.
  18. phungked

    phungked Newbie

    hm? what are you talking about?

    i have bought many unlocked codes before.

    Had unlocked g1
    I am on AT&T
    Sold g1, bought tmobile cliq.
    went home to buy cliq code
    one seller says t-mobile database "down"
    other says it takes two weeks (normally 30 minutes)

    does anyone know what's the deal?
  19. Jr33

    Jr33 Newbie

    obviously my simple statement was difficult for you to understand. the cell phone provider is who supplies the codes to whatever company you may have purchased them from. if t-mobile's database is down and multiple unlocking companies are telling you this, then you already know the answer. you have to wait!
  20. bhang

    bhang Newbie

    Call cust serv(assuming u have tmobile) and requst the code they will contact moto and get your code for you only the manu. has the unlock code, but anyway they will email you the key, if they ask you are planning to travel and want. To use your phone. Free

    Don't pay to unlock phones, its almost always doable for free.

  21. phungked

    phungked Newbie

    Haha, i dont have tmo but my friend requested it for me.. now i just gotta wait.. 24-48 hours and UP TO A WEEK!!! gah :'(

    btw, anyone know where i utilize the confirmation # they give me?
  22. mardenator

    mardenator Lurker

    well if you find a way to root a cliq, can u email me pls? alabamawhizkid@gmail.com
  23. mardenator

    mardenator Lurker

    email me with the info if it happens pls!! alabamawhizkid@gmail.com..
  24. matador

    matador Lurker

    which companies have you contacted it?
    and i guess which ones have worked for you before?

    i want to unlock mine also for travel, but i dont want to deal with customer service. heard usually you gotta wait the 30 day period before they give you the code.
  25. matador

    matador Lurker

    has any one unlocked their cliq successfully?

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