Mar 18, 2011
What's up guys, I'm new to the whole Android world and I would like to know, If someone could explain what "Rooting" is and why would I want to do it? I have had a Jailbroken iPhone for along time in the past, Is it something like that? Thanks for taking the time to teach me guy's!

P.S. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Model-SGH-I987 On the AT&T Network.
Thanks agan for helping me learn about this stuff.
You have to laugh. A thread in the "All Things Root" section asking what the benefits are pulls 111 viewers (so far) and not a single one is either able or willing to post a reply.

I would try posting this question over at XDA or search on this site for rooting benefits...I have seen threads similar to this in the past on this site, just buried in different phone sub forums....
idk if tabs are the same as phones in terms of rooting, but since the galaxy software is very similar. I could tell you that rooting has it's benefits, mainly in terms of customization and optimization. After rooting your tab, you can install a number of different roms, which have various differences. Some are blurred, some focused, meaning they removed a lot of, if not all of the bloatware. Typically custom roms run smoother and rooting comes with access to helpful apsps that an unrooted device wouldn't be able to use. Apps like titanium back up, hot spot, overclock, etc.

Rooting basically gives YOU more control over YOUR device.
I am new to all this. I have used Linux in the past but wouldn't know where to start with Android.

However, when Apple made my iPhone3G crawl along like an arthritic snail after I upgraded it to iOS4, I bought an Android. I have loads of gadgets so another phone was fun to try.

I bought an Orange San Francisco. They are not too expensive and seem pretty good. Within a few days I had rooted and upgraded it to a non-standard ROM - just for the experience. It is my phone, so I can do whatever I want with it. If I break it then bad luck. This was not that successful and it started giving me error messages about running out of space or memory, even though there was plenty of both still available. So more recently, I upgraded it again to Froyo. This has been much more successful and it works fine.

Last Saturday I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I was quite impressed with it. However, I still rooted it and last night I upgraded it to Gingerbread. This seems to have been successful as well.

I don't know how these upgrades work in detail. I find a suitable upgrade and follow the instructions to the letter. Even so, it is a great feeling to have achieved something like this. My phones are now better than they were when I bought them.

With the iPhone there is very little I can do to change it. It is now slow and I have not been able to downgrade it to iOS3 again - not for want of trying.

Android lets me change, upgrade, explore, even break if I get it wrong. That is what it is all about. Your phone which you control.

Hope that helps :)
Im really, really new to this and I just bought a samsung galaxy tab. So wats gingerbread and wat does it do?