Root Rooting for apps2sd - is it worth it?


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I want to root my HTC desire
Currently I have Android 2.3

I want to root so that I can install apps on my SD card

I have apps2sd available already
I know that you can force most apps to install on SD - which you can't do on Android

But my problem is: let's say we have a 30mb app
Currently I for example move to SD - but it will still take up 2mb on the phone
(Just making those numbers up to give an example)

If I root, then will the 2mb HAVE to still be on the phone?




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If you want to root for that reason, go for it. I root all of my phones but for many other reasons... There is so much you can do once you take that leap :thumbup:


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There are other ways of saving space when you root. Visit the Desire All Things Root forum, and read the root memory faq in the All Things Root Guide sticky post.

I'll move this thread there in a minute.
I definitely recommend you root.
Apps2d+ ROMS can move apps with there data (AKA: dalvik cache) to a ext* partition you have to create on your sd card. Thus tricking your phone with a AP2SD+ ROM.
You can find the ap2sd+ thread here
It will save a Bunch of internal memory.

Rooting can unleash your phone's True power!


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hi all

thinking of going ext sd - just cause ics rom will need it - seems like a lot of effort though :/ :D know...i dont think im going to bother - at least tonight anyways - was building myself up to it, but my desire is running super smooth with zm oxy and cm7r2 hboot - cant see that ics will improve it at all

....but come saturday, it might be a different story ;)