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Root Rooting for new Android Users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by damuffinman, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Aug 9, 2009

    Source: i7500 World - Rooting for new Android Users

    Experienced Android users need no introduction nor explanations about rooting, but many new users to Android would find it puzzling on why others root and what it can allow you to do on your new Google phone. Here’s a short Q&A on some frequently asked questions:

    What is ‘rooting’?

    ‘Rooting’ refers to the act of getting ‘root access’ on your Android powered device. Simply put, you are allowing applications to get an elevated level of access in to your device. You can consider it as an equivalent to ‘jailbreaking’ in iPhone terms.

    What are the benefits of ‘rooting’?

    There are a huge number of advantages in rooting. Here’s a short list of what rooting can allow you to do:

    • Install custom operating system updates
    • Tether your device to your PC to act as a modem
    • Backup your OS in to your SD card
    • Install applications on to your SD card
    • Multitouch browsing (depending on phone model)
    • Ability to delete stock applications you don’t use
    • New themes and home screens
    • More apps

    If it’s so good, what’s the catch?

    First off, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you WILL brick your phone. Here’s another list of the drawbacks you should consider before rooting your phone:

    • You void your warranty, as rooting is considered to be ‘hacking’ your device
    • Can’t receive official firmware updates OTA (not a concern for Samsung Galaxy owners, we can’t receive OTA updates)
    • Custom builds may be less stable than the official builds

    Where can I get instructions on how to root my Samsung Galaxy?

    There was a blog post posted previously on rooting instructions.


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