Rooting gone bad SGH 1777 AT&T

I don't know what I'm doing with rooting my phone but hopefully someone here can help me.

I didn't understand the root instructions very well (Ya stupid me) and temporarily bricked my phone because after the reboot I got the evil yellow triangle and could see the options you get with clockworkmod, but none of them would respond. I also probably screwed up even more by downloading the popular ROM manager.

Next I reconnected my bricked phone to my PC and put the phone in download mode and used PDA to reinstall the stock kernel which I saved earlier and the phone works normal again, but still has all the installs from the root process in "about phone" which are:

Android Vs 2.3.4
Base band Vs 1777UCKH7
Kernel Vs
Build number UCKH7

So am I still rooted or not?

The reason I wanted to root my phone was because I was angry with Samsung and AT&T because part of the reason I bought this phone was for the NFC feature and wanted to use Google Wallet. I also read where rooting the phone improves battery life and I could get rid of all the bloatware AT&T stuck me with.

Currently in my software list I still see I have Superuser and the ROM manager. Now when I go to the boot option where you hold the 3 keys down now I no longer see the options I should with clockworkmod installed properly but that folder is still on my phone.

So the bottom line here is, do I start all over again and if so how do I do that or am I just missing a piece of the puzzle? I think one mistake I accidentally made was using the ODIN 1.82 instead of the 1.85 but when I used PDA the 1.85 would bring the PDA screen up for just a second and disappear.

Newbie needs help!