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Root Rooting Guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Pierloha, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Jul 23, 2012

    Jul 23, 2012
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    Please note that this process requires you to install a custom ROM in order to obtain root access for your phone and also to obtain some precious performance boost(s). It can rather be taken as a flashing guide... lol. Anyway, If you're not comfortable with it, you can try other methods such as DooMLoRD's Easy rooting toolkit or RootXperia.zip method.

    I accept no responsibility whatsoever if you brick your phone in the process. I'm not saying that this ROM will, but if it does... Well, :thinking:

    Also, for this guide, We're gonna be using JJ's Hybrid Official v3.2 Stable ROM from XDA Developers. All credit goes to Him for making the ROM. The reason I'm using this ROM is because I'm comfortable with it, you may use another ROM if you wish, such as CM9, or MIUI (Although, Idk if they support Neo V or Not)

    Anyway, coming back to the guide...

    1. Before we start, ensure that your boot loader is unlocked so that we can install a custom kernel to be able to overclock your phone, also, please make sure to download all these files and save them on one folder for easier access:-

    2. Please do not... I can't stress this enough... DO NOT "Install the 3D panorama Camera zip" or you risk damaging the camera app and you won't be able to click any pics..

    3. Now, transfer the "JJ's Hybrid Official v3.2 Stable ROM, Neo V Camera Patch, Face unlock, Music Sound Enhancements & Superuser" zip files onto your SD card.

    3. Now then, go into fastboot mode on your phone... (For those that missed my earlier tutorial :mad: :p, switch off your phone, then keep the menu button pressed on the phone and plug in your USB cable, the LED should turn blue which means that the phone is now in fastboot mode)

    4. Now open the folder where you've downloaded the files I mentioned in the beginning, then right click+shift and select "Open command window here".

    5. Then type,"fastboot flash boot CWM.img" (without the quotes) and then, after the flash is finished, boot up your phone.

    6. You'll be greeted with a fake looking Xperia logo... Lmao... Anyway, jokes aside, press back button twice or thrice as soon as the screen lights up to boot into CWM. To navigate in CWM, either the volume keys, or back button and menu button, and menu button to select.

    7. Once you're in CWM, make sure to wipe factory data and the dalvik cache. Then, install the zip files that you've stored in your phone in this order -

    I. JJ's Hybrid Official v3.2 Stable ROM
    II. Neo V Camera Patch
    III. Face Unlock
    IV. Music Sound Enhancements
    V. Superuser

    8. Once done, power off your phone. And then again, enter fastboot mode and open the folder where you've downloaded the files and type,"fastboot flash boot sony.img", and after the flashing is done, power off and restart your phone.

    9. You should now be greeted with the android logo screen, don't worry if it takes a while as the first start is always the slowest. After that, configure your phone and enjoy the benefits of a bloatware free & rooted phone with the latest (at the time of this writing) android OS, ICS :-D

    10. Also, even the video player is lag free now.. Try running it at 1.6 GHz and see the difference in games and apps :)

    11. Hit Thanks If I helped :p


    Try this new ROM as well, and tell me bout the xperi-ence....

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