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rooting htc desire S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vinci, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. vinci

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    I know this is a very common topic, but I'm stuck at some stage and I don't actually know what is happening with my phone (if anything is actually happening). Some time ago, somebody rooted the phone for me (or at least this is what they said). I've got superuser app installed, and when I enter the bootloader it says S-OFF. I've just used the hasoon 2000 and I've unlocked my bootloader (I know that I did, because, before that, it said ****locked**** and now it's unlocked), but I am not even sure about the difference between unlocking a phone through hasoon 2000 and rooting? I'd suppose it's the same thing, but it looked as if it might refer only to unlocking the bootloader?

    Anyway, after installing an application that uninstalls default applications (such as facebook, friendstream, hangout and other useless stuff), it says that I don't have root access and sends me to all sorts of links, or recommends using superoneclick. The phone works fine just like before, so I couldn't manange to bring any major changes to it (except that 'unlock' message that doesn't seem to have any consequences). What should I do? What should I be looking for? I am a little confused about it all.

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  2. I moved your question to where root-related issues of your phone are discussed.

    ... Thom
  3. vinci

    vinci Newbie
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    Thanks, couldn't find a thread related to this myself when I posted so I'm glad there is one. At least now I can read through the tutorial on how to root htc desire s.

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