Rooting Huawei u8652 with 2.3.6



I apologize in advance if I have missed something obvious or if I'm posting this in the wrong place. It's my "first".

Device: AT&T Fusion (e.g. Huawei U8652)
Android: 2.3.6

I've spent a lot of time searching this excellent forum for a solution but have come up short so I'm creating a separate post.

Ultimately, I would like to a) root and if possible b) over-clock my device.

I've seen misc posts for rooting 2.3.5 (and earlier) which appear successful. I have tried all methods I could find but ultimately nothing has worked.

I've seen "Huawei Sonic U8650" being mentioned as an "alternative" device but I have not been able to find any instructions regarding process, rom, etc.

There seems to be solutions for just about anything except the combination I have. :thinking: If anyone has a few minutes to provide some insight, suggestions, etc, and point me in the right direction, I would be tremendously grateful.

Thank you very much in advance!