Root Rooting my Cliq with SuperOneClick...


Hoping someone can help me, looks like I get to the end and it fails. I get a message saying the OS Version check failed, and it asks if I have 2.0 or higher, I
Hey there Merrick,

You need to make sure that you have the newest version on SuperOneClick which is 2.1.1 and that you delete the other one... if you have an older version....

Then I had the same problem also... So I downloaded

You can find it on the net. Make sure you are closed out of SuperOneClick, and the just download to your desktop and then leave it. Then re-open your SuperOneClick and hit root!

******Make sure that USB Debugging is enabled and that your SD card is unmounted!
Hope that helps

Also almost forgot.... Make sure that when you save to the desktop, you right-click and use 7-zip to extract the files and then leave it on desktop lol sorry!