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Rooting My Connect

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nsguy1350, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. nsguy1350

    nsguy1350 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys. I have some questions about rooting my LG Connect. First, I'd like to say that I'm not extremely tech-savvy, so all of the abbreviations and specialty terms only confuse me (sorry about that.) I've never rooted or jailbroken a phone, so I don't know the process and am just asking for some guidance. Do I need some special software or something to root?

    First, I'm really only interested in rooting just to save my battery life. My battery life is pretty bad right now and I heard that rooting can really help with battery life.

    I've heard that rooting helps with battery life by:

    1. Removing excess apps (like myExtras) that cannot be deleted and consume battery life, by "being in constant communication" or something.
    2. Underclocking to move from 1.6GHz to 800MHz (I think that's what the numbers were)
    3. Something to do with a ROM (what does that even stand for?)
    4. Whatever else I don't know/remember

    What other advantages are there to rooting? I'm not really trying to do too many things with my phone. For example, anything with a game isn't going to be of much interest to me. What disadvantages are there?

    How can I unroot?

    How can I avoid "bricking" my phone? If I do brick, can I restore it?

    What's the best method to root? A link or something is fine.

    Also, on a side note, has anyone bought Juice Defender Ultimate, and if so, is it worth it, even with a root?

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  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    i don't have time atm to answer all your questions but i can tell you what you need to root and install a custom recovery program that will allow you to backup your Rom.

    A Rom is essentially the operating system that the phone is running by the way.

    there is a thread (i can't link as im using the phandroid app right now) called "one click root for the connect4g" and a better one called "root/cwm " or similar. using a pc running windows xp or greater just download the files provided in the first post of either thread and follow the directions.

    install the drivers
    open the root files and click "run"

    wait for reboot and touch are good to go.

    any questions that NEED yo be answered immediately? feel free to contact me personally via gtalk or skype. my name is secondgenmonkey on both and i will answer as soon as i see the message.
    please include your android name in chat requests so i know who it is as i have those accounts solely for the purpose of helping people on this forum so sometimes i can get confused as to who is trying to reach me and for what device they need help.

    also check out my YouTube for a preview of what the custom roms are and a nice guide on extending battery life using a few simple measures my tube name is neeedleinahaystack purposefully spelled neeedle with three e's.

    welcome to the forums and i hope to never hear from you. because if i do that would man the rest of these lazy lumps are being useless (i kid, i kid).

    seriously though, feel free to hit me up if you need to and be sure to use the search on the site before starting a new thread. its not often that you will have any issues anybody else hasn't had already.

    again, welcome to the phorum !

  3. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    IMPORTANT! Always backup your Rom before doing anything to it!
    you can even backup before rooting if you flash the custom recovery commonly called cwm.
  4. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    Quite a list of questions...

    Let me first say everything Tokenpoke said is true and important.

    Also, there is a lot of information at Connect 4G: All Things Root Guide. It is a sticky thread at the top of this forum and it has a lot of information, including a link under the General Information header that explains some of the terminology used with rooting phones.

    Once you root, you will have the ability to access the system files, and more importantly, you can install programs that can now access system files, backup your apps, uninstall them, save your messages and more.

    Removing excess apps is a great way to improve battery life. I removed the MyExtras along with many other apps in order to speed up response time and save battery (and avoid issues with advertisements). I thought I saw a thread on this forum that will explain which apps are safe to remove, however I can't seem to locate it atm.

    Underclocking... I believe the stock clock is 1.2ghz, but it is possible to change this to suit your tastes. I use Rom Toolbox Pro which has the ability to set profiles for your CPU. I set it to bring the clockspeed to the minimum setting when the screen turns off and bring it back up to 1.2 when the screen is turned on again. This saves battery when I am not actively using the phone.

    Roms... (Read Only Memory) It is a term that is a little out of date, but is now used to mean a lot of things. In this case, as stated by Tokenpoke, it refers to a whole package of software for the phone. You have a stock Rom on there now. That is the one from LG. The custom Roms are replacement files that look/act a certain way. Some are meant to run raster, have longer battery life, or look like anything you want, even the newer versions of android. It is a big step to change your Rom for the first time, but it can have some nice benefits.

    Advantages? You can make changes to the phone not normally allowed by the manufacturer/carrier. You can change appearance, functionality, backup sms and mms messages, remove offending apps, etc.

    Unroot? The easiest way I know of is to simply remove the files involved in a root. There are only a few files and there are video guides on youtube that explain the process. If you are wanting to return the phone back to what LG put on it when you got it, that information is listed under a topic titled "New Unbricking method for LG MS840 Connect brick ( Guranteed to Work)"
    It involves placing the phone in download mode and allowing the LG Update Tool to update the phone (wiping root from the device, and replacing all of the stock apps and settings).

    Avoid bricking? Read and follow all instructions before making any attempt, and always backup first.

    Juice Defender Ultimate? I have only tried it for a week or so. Before that I used the free version. I cannot tell you that it is worth the upgrade yet, as I am not sure myself.
    Will post more when I have a clearer picture of the battery life.

    I hope this helps you in some way.
    Good luck :)
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  5. nsguy1350

    nsguy1350 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry guys, once again I'm completely new to all this rooting stuff. And I also tend to ask lots of questions!

    What is Clockwork Mod ROM Manager? This is CWM right? Does this have something to do with backing up my files? Or is that Nandroid? How would I back up my files prior to rooting? And I can just use that one click root in the LG Spectrum thread right?
  6. nsguy1350

    nsguy1350 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    And also, is flashing a ROM just putting a new ROM onto my phone?
  7. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    ClockworkMod is a piece of software that let's you boot up the hardware on the phone so you can make changes without the phone's software running. This is necessary in order to install certain things without the phone crashing. Flashing a Rom is an example of this. It is a tool that will create a Nandroid backup for you.
    Flashing is installing, it places the files where they need to be while your phone's main software isn't running so your phone can boot up properly and work the way you want to.
    As far as I know, you will need to root the phone before you can back it up add the system files are inaccessible until you are rooted.
    Rom Manager is an app that let's you easily get to the features of CWM.
    As far as the root? I would choose the root in this forum instead of the LG Spectrum. I believe that they are similar, if not exactly the same, but just in case...
    With your phone, I would always play it safe until you are familiar with what you are doing.

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