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Rooting on a MAC - Help?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bmckenzie90, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. bmckenzie90

    bmckenzie90 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone, I own a Mac computer. How do I go about rooting my Samsung Acclaim from my Mac? Do I need to use Windows? It seems all "tutorials" I've found require Windows and a Samsung .exe file.

    Secondly, will I lose everything on my phone (contacts, apps, etc)?

  2. joe.russell

    joe.russell Newbie

    I second the mac question. I haven't been able to figure this out for the life of me........
  3. mikecoulter

    mikecoulter Newbie

    Also interested...
  4. aj444

    aj444 Newbie

    So far I think it's all windows only? You might just have to use bootcamp or something. :(

    You shouldn't if done right. I've done it a few times and never lost data. But you should make a backup just in case something goes wrong and you have to restore to factory to fix.
  5. cobirch2

    cobirch2 Lurker

    1. download and install virtualbox for mac >> VirtualBox
    virtualbox is what is called VMware (VM for virtual machine) and lets you run a guest operating system inside your host OS

    2. obtain a windows installation disk (or download a windows xp .iso file from a torrent website)

    3. in virtualbox select "new" in the top left corner.

    4. name your machine windows and select the version of windows cd you have/.iso file you downloaded.

    heres a link to a Windows XP Service Pack 2 .iso. >> http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/413...onal_with_SP2_ISO__Pre-activated__and_key_inc

    You dont need an activation key. it is a torrent site, so you can never be sure its completely virus free (although i downloaded a windows xp .iso from the same site and it works fine)

    5. give the OS whatever RAM you want, i would say at least 512 MB.

    6. create a new virtual hard disk. make sure its at least 10 GB, or make better yet it dynamically expanding storage. click next until your finished

    7. double click your machine to start it. the first run wizard will pop up.

    8. if your using a windows installation cd then point it to your CD/DVD drive. if your using a downloaded .iso file then point it to the location of the windows.iso.

    9. let windows install like it would on any other comuter and your good to go. you can now use windows on you mac.

    the same process applies to essentially any operating system. my virtualbox has Ubuntu, Windows XP, Backtrack 4 (A hacking OS), and it even has the Android OS installed (although it works very strange since my laptop isnt touchscreen...)
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  6. joe.russell

    joe.russell Newbie

    Only problem i'm having is that when i go to connect my acclaim, it's mounting in OS X, and not windows XP. Not sure if i'm doing something wrong or not, but it prevents me from rooting.

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