Root Rooting On A Mac... Someone Must Know.

Hello all,

I have an Lg Thrive/Phoenix android phone from AT&T and a Mac computer. I have tried many things to jailbreak, such as installing z4root on my Mac, sending it to dropbox, and trying to use it on the phone but it still says apps not from the market are not allowed. I can't use sideload wonder machine because it doesn't work for Mac. I can't use Superoneclick becuase it doesn't work for Mac. What is the easiest way to root an AT&T 2.2.1 device with a Mac? Only people with Macs please reply, or if you know for sure. Thanks so much!


I have a MAC and also an LG Thrive GOPhone. To allow access to non-market apps:
- Go to you phone dialer (pad) and dial 3845#*506#
- A menu will appear after you type the last "#"
- Scroll down to the item called "unknown sources test"
- Then open that item and select the box "allow installation of non-market

Now you can DL gingerbreak app and root the phone (in minutes!)

Hope this helps