Aug 31, 2011
Hello all,

I've had my HTC Desire a few months now and thanks to the guides wrote by SUroot and others on this forum, I'm *nearly* ready to take the plunge and root my phone.

My Desire has PVT4 and has an erase size of 40,000 - it's recomended in SUroot's guide to use Unrevoked 3.21 if possible. However, whilst a .exe is provided for this as a link, my PC runs Ubuntu and if going to the Unrevoked website, there is only a download for 3.32.

Will it be possible to use the latest version of Unrevoked in conjunction with AmonRa V2.0.1 or should I look to find a windows based PC or use Virtualbox or similar?

Many thanks in advance!
The link will be for the latest version whatever OS you use.

However, if you look at the link URL, you'll see a version number in it. So copy that url (e.g. open link in new tab), then change the digits to 321 and it should give you 3.21 instead :)
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That was a ridiculously simple solution - thanks a lot for the advice!

Can I just ask now, it says that root permission may be required for the program, would this be achieved by executing the program from a terminal with the 'su' command?