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Rooting Telus HTC Hero

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by captaincool, May 31, 2010.

  1. mindfloss

    mindfloss Member

    just a note, u dont need a card reader, just usb connect yr phone and u can make a goldcard like that...



    JACKNIFE Newbie

    :D I hope that works for me. I've been having a time trying to get it to work properly!
  3. djbasik

    djbasik Member

    I haven't tried that. I read some where that it had to be a separate card reader. but if you say so.

    JACKNIFE Newbie

    turned out i was trying to write on the logical disk and not the physical like i should have...

    now i know :) infact just flashing Viallian 10.2 as we speak
  5. mindfloss

    mindfloss Member

    yeah i dont trust alot of card readers when going from microsd to the adapter into the reader, for some reason alot of the time for me it kept telling me that the card needed to be formatted. I just used the phone like the usb reader and it worked everytime...
  6. djbasik

    djbasik Member

    good to know... so its official. I guess it works fine using the phone.
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  7. MadWhips

    MadWhips Lurker

    Big Thanks to djbasik for his awesome guide.

    I went with the official OTA 2.1 update after downgrading the ROM to RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver.exe

    Also, the stock SDcard worked for me, using the phone itself as the reader.

    Really appreciate the help from the comments on this thread as to what all to look out for.
    Thoroughly enjoying Android 2.1 on my Telus HTC Hero.

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