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General Rooting the Asus Memo Pad 8

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by paulb104, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Aug 29, 2011

    Aug 29, 2011
    I have an Asus Memo Pad 8. The software says it is model K011. I've also seen it referred to as ME181CX ME181CL.

    It was bought new, from radio shack (i had a credit and that's when all their stores were closing) in February 2015 and I've been using without issue since then.

    For those of you unfamiliar with this tablet, let me explain how it boots. When the device is off, and then turned on, there are three boot screens before it gets into android. All three have the asus logo. At the bottom of the first screen is the logo "powered by android". The second screen shows "intel inside". The third screen shows a circle of dots with a chasing lights effect.

    Last week it started acting weird. I hadn't installed anything onto it in months, nor was there an upgrade. Apps were updated, but thats it. I would be playing mincecraft or it was just sitting on my desk. All of a sudden it goes straight into that third screen with the chasing lights. I have to hold down the power button for about five seconds for it turn off. Once off, when I turn it back on again sometimes it will boot correctly into android, other times I'll have to force it off and try again.

    Factory reset has already been done. Repeatedly.

    When I called asus earlier I learned that, of course, I'm out of warranty (by a few weeks) and it will be sixty dollars for them to load a new kernel and it will take two to three weeks from when I send it to when I get it back.

    Hoping to do a factory reset from outside of android, I turned the tablet off then held the power and volume up buttons. When I get the first menu I release those buttons then press the volume up.

    This brings me to the menu
    reboot droidboot
    power off

    If recovery is selected, the tablet reboots and I'm taken to the screen with andy laying down, his chest open, and beneath him it says no command. I have to turn it off and do the button procedure to get back to the menu.

    If reboot droidboot is selected, the tablet reboots and goes back to that menu.

    Another thought was to root it and put a different rom on, but
    * oneclickroot says SORRY, There Is No Root At This Time
    * cyanogenmod doesn't have asus memo listed
    * clockworkmod.com's rommanager doesn't have it listed either

    Heck, even androidforums.com's memo pad 8 forum has only three posts, with the last from december 2014.

    Does anyone know of a rom to put on the tablet?

    Maybe there's a way to fix it without rooting?

    Is it even possible to root?

    Thanks :)


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