Root Rooting Wildfire question (hboot 1.02.002)

I've had my phone 3 years and I'm looking at rooting it and putting a faster Rom on it, however the guides I find are for hboot 1.01.001 or slight variations, but not my current hboot 1.02.002.

Apparently I can downgrade my hboot but not finding the guides.

End result I'm looking for is S-off without a custom Rom which has a 600mhz clock

Any help?

I. have a backup Samsung galaxy mini just incase i brick my phone which hopefully I wont.


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OMG You've had your phone for 3 years without rooting it?
Wow dude I commend your patience, i got annoyed with it in the first few months of having it.
Click on the link in my signature that says "Rooting Wildfire 2.2.1"
Or you can view the original thread at XDA

Oh you just have to look for a stock HTC ROM and flash that instead of a CyanogenMod rom, also find custom kernels compatible with the rom