Root rooting with locked carrier


Is there a problem if I root my phone while having it locked on Vodafone?
I began reading on a site about rooting this particular phone and it said that one of the prerequisites was not to have the phone locked on a certain carrier.
Could that really affect the process of rooting?

And while we're at it, could you recommend me a site where I can get good instructions regarding rooting and/or installing a new costum os?



Extreme Android User
Since rooting is the operating system, not the phone, I can't see that there's any connection there. The phone will reject any non-Vodaphone SIM. That has nothing to do with whether you can be given root status on the OS. Rooting is basically just installing a program known as su (which you can't do unless you can already get root status, which is why you can't just install a "root app"), and an app that allows the user to say yes or no when an app asks for root.

But don't take my word as a guarantee - Samsung's been doing strange things recently.