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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by 69Rixter, Mar 7, 2016.

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    Hey All:

    I used z4Root on my SHW-M110S GalaxyS phone and was told "it isn't fully rooted"? Uhm... it gives "superuser" privileges to a few apps of my choosing, so, what is meant by "not fully rooted" and what must be done to have it fully rooted? And while I'm here, I've been trying to upgrade this phone from FroYo 2.2 to Kk4.4 and it has been a living hell. NOTHING goes as explained by either those trying to help or by "how-to/step-by-step" tutorials. I could use some good solid advice/help in getting this phone upgraded. The main problem (first and foremost) is the phone just will not be recognized/acknowledged by/seen by/ and or otherwise mounted by any comp O.S. and I've tried everything!!! (OK, not "everything" for I haven't found/tried the one thing that will work!!) I know upgrading a phone isn't supposed to be this difficult!!!
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