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Root Rooting....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mcatdtDROID, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. mcatdtDROID

    Thread Starter

    May 9, 2010
    Ok, I just got my FROYO 2.2 update yesterday and now I can't
    1. pull up my phone's dialer
    2. pull up my contacts
    3. youtube widget broke
    4. a few misc apps won't work
    5. pull up my market

    ....without my phone force closing.

    worked fine before the update. However, despite the huge problem that causes me, my internet still works.... I have found ways I can text and make phone calls, but without contacts, it makes it tougher.

    so, if this makes sense, my phone is about 90% bricked....

    Took it to VZW and they got a warranty phone coming to me next week. They did a hard reboot so I lost all my apps. Wouldn't be an issue if I could get my market, but I can't. So now, I have lost my tether app (that's my home inet through easytether pro)

    I'm currently unrooted.

    So now, I got nothing to lose. I want to experiment and root. I need a step by step, understanding that I have read up on it some but despite people saying "oh it's simple" I can not figure it out.

    What do I need?

    Home computer?
    inet on that computer?
    do I need the market for anything?
    Do I need to usb-link my phone to computer?

    someone who's willing to sorta walk me through this, I'm sure I can do it, just need to see it done 1 time is all and I don't know anyone locally that has done this.

    I have this phone for 1 more week before I have to send it back after the new one arrives. if I screw it up, no harm no foul


    So here is my plan.... I want to root my phone now


  2. Jcarmicha

    Jcarmicha Well-Known Member

    Jun 17, 2010
  3. mcatdtDROID

    Thread Starter

    May 9, 2010
    see, therein lies my problem right now.... I have no market with my phone. Can I simulate getting it from the market by downloading it to my computer and placing the file on my droid in the correct location?

    Looks like I may not be able to do this.

    I hope the new droid has 2.2 already on it and that it doesn't need updating. I KNEW that I was going to have problems with the update. It's why I put it off for so long. I also hope 2.2 is worth all the trouble....
  4. klwheat

    klwheat Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2010
    I highly recommend the following (copied from the stickied post) INSTEAD of easy root. This also allows you to do it from a PC!

    Please read the entire guide and before starting the process.
    Windows Instructions:
    1.) Download 2.1 SP Recovery sbf to your C: root directory (C:\)
    2.) Download md5sum
    3.) Place md5sum in c:\windows\system32
    4.) Download in install RSDLite 4.6 for this file you may need an un-zip tool like WIN RAR
    5.) Download and install the correct motorola drivers for your windows machine (32 for XP, 32 or 64 for Vista depending on Vista version)
    Current Motorola Drivers
    6.) Run command prompt (Start->Run then type "cmd" and hit enter)
    7.) Change directories to your C:\ root directory (cd c:\)
    8.) Type in "md5sum SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf"
    9) Make sure the sum of the image is EXACTLY 9b6a336cd8f067d4487935468c758d89
    10.) Connect phone via USB and reboot, while rebooting hold UP on the dpad
    11.) Run RSD Lite 4.6
    Windows 7 64 Bit Users See Hidden Instructions

    1.) Navigate to the install folder which is usually C:\Program Files\Motorola\RSD Lite
    2.) Right click on SDL.exe
    3.) Click run as administrator

    Also this post has great info on getting rsd lite to work

    12.) Select the SPRecovery 2.1 SBF file
    13.) Click Start and wait for RSD Lite to flash the SPRecovery image onto phone and then wait on phone to reboot.
    16.) Your phone will boot now boot up and tell you that your battery is dead. Just pull the battery out.
    17.) Put the battery back in and hold X while powering on your droid.
    18.) Download a rom check the roms forum for roms The following 2 roms are stock droid builds and are confirmed to not require wiping data. So if you use one of these two you can skip steps 24 and 25 FRG01B FRG22
    19.) Back on the phone go to mount options. (Note you can use the volume rocker to navigate and the camera button to select.)
    20. Then press Enable USB Mass storage
    21.) Place the file in the root of your sdcard.(Not in any folder just on the sd card.)
    22.) Rename the rom to update.zip. Be sure that you are only naming it update.zip. Windows often does not show file extensions and you will end up with files named update.zip.zip.
    23.) Then Disable USB Mass Storage
    24.) Wipe data/factory reset
    25.) Wipe Cache Partition
    26.) Click on install
    27.) Press allow update.zip Installation
    28.) Press Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated)
    29.) When the install is complete use the power button to go back to the main menu
    30.) Reboot
  5. doomedromance

    doomedromance Well-Known Member

    Nov 9, 2009
    The Left Coast
    I highly recommend doing it the "hard" way. It will allow you to better understand the whole process and what rooting does exactly. People use easy buttons and ROM Manager then something goes wrong and they have absolutely no clue what to do.

    I only used ROM manager to flash Clockwork Recovery since it's much better IMO. I have always, and continue to install custom ROMs myself through Clockwork Recovery. I don't have ROM manager installed.
  6. mcatdtDROID

    Thread Starter

    May 9, 2010
    well, I plan to try this tonight..... I copy and pasted those "hard way" instructions on a word file stored to my flashdrive.

    My problems get complicated...
    1. my home inet is through the Droid tether, which complicates things trying to root what supplies the inet and since I can't tether right now, I can't download the necessary files.

    2. my work computer is blocked from all the good sites and again, can't download the necessary files.

    Tonight, I'm actually out of town, staying in a hotel. I have my lappy with me, and I'll try to pick up all the files I need to do this using the wifi in the hotel.
  7. muab

    muab Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2010
    you can access the internet at home, download the necessary files/applications to your PC, then email these programs to your work email. Then use your work PC to actually conduct the operations.

    Or just get wifi in your hotel room I guess...


  8. Scottmc

    Scottmc Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2010
    Software Engineer
    San Diego, CA
    The problem is he can't tether so he doesn't have inet at home. Another thing you can do is download them to your phone (either directly or copy via USB) from work. Then copy them from your phone to your PC, again using USB.

    Another alternative is to find a hot spot - assuming you have wifi still (a good excuse to go war driving right? :D). Grab the files from there - forward or email them to yourself (or copy them to your phone again).

    All you need are the files, a usb connection that works (I've had mine stop working - long story), and RDSLite with a custom recovery. Those are basically the steps outlined above. Once you are rooted you should be able to flash a custom ROM.

    Another thing you can try is to use RDSLite and flash a stock ROM. Then take the OTA (or not) and you will then be able to re-root and re-tether.
  9. mcatdtDROID

    Thread Starter

    May 9, 2010
    no wifi at the hotel >:-(

    beyond that, no, I don't have inet at home
    and work has it blocked.... so unless I take it to a taco bell or a starbux, somewhere like that.... probably won't be able to get going until I get my new phone....

    But since I will have a few days window before I have to return the broke droid, I'll be able to work it out.
  10. mcatdtDROID

    Thread Starter

    May 9, 2010
    well, good news and bad news.... Droid 1 replacement came in the mail today....so I'm back up and running on the internet..... bad news, they replaced it with a Droid 2..... wait, no, that's not bad news.... just changes how I root.

    Thanks for the help guys

    and yes, I do have to send the defective droid 1 back within 10 days.

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