hey. i bought my revo about a month ago. i wanted to root it. however after reading some sites i read reviews saying that users are having problems completing the root due to a recent update from lg or verizon on the revo. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. i do not want to brick my phone. thanks for help
You have two choices:

1. wait for the Gingerbread update, whenever that will be.
2. Downgrade your Revo software to version V4 and root. The downgrade instructions can be found here, [FIX] Updated by accident? Lost your Root? Downgrading Instructions - xda-developers . USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

While many people have successfully downgraded, others have had big problems. There is also work on a CM7 port to the Revo, but since only 1 developer is working on it, that is also a ways off. That thread is here, [DEV][WIP] CyanogenMod 7 for the LG Revolution (working 2d/3d acceleration!) - xda-developers .

My advice is to take option 1 and wait for the official 2.3.x upgrade. It may be a while, but it should be safer.