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Tips Rotate Video after capture - Freemake Video

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by avatar867, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Sep 18, 2012

    Sep 18, 2012
    Hello Smart Folks!

    (This will show you how to Rotate any Video you captured that accidently fell on the "Wrong" side. You Need a Computer with XP or later and Internet)

    I Found a Problem with The Samsung Galaxy S3.
    When you Record a Video clip and holding the Mobile Upright you Can't Flip/ Rotate the Video back to be in the Upright Position.
    Next Problem is that S3 Captures the Videos in .mp4 format which you normal Windows Live - Or regular - Movie Maker Cannot Handle.

    So I've tried several different Programs to get this fixed But Which could not help me, or could but would cost me. AVS4You - Didn't have that function. Ezvid - Nether. EasiestSoft Video Converter - Would Cost you and was harder to use.

    And I Even tried several App's for the mobile to do this Process but they all Cost and it took a LOOONG TIME Converting. Bad Option!

    There is One Program - Freemake Video Converter

    This Program is Easy to use, Free of charge and Does the job Quick.

    *Caution!* There are a Lot of Add-ware in the Installation. Just Click "NO" every time and you'll have a Free and Easy Video Converter at hand.

    **NOW** Load the Video clip(s) (Drag n Drop straight in) -> Press the Button on the Right with the Scissors -> Press the Rotate Button -> Press OK. Done

    Now You need to save this as a new Video file and you can Choose which kind of Quality you want - .Mpeg (Best - Big), .Avi (OK - Smaller). There are a LOT of other Options as well.

    You Can Edit multiple Video clips (press the Scissors) and then let the program Convert them ALL at once! Really effective!

    Hope This Will help!
    Comment if you found another Possible way to fix it!
    Share Your Knowledge!
    Best of Luck! //Mikael P


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