router problem, help me


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Just happened today at 12, it was working fine then suddenly it turned off, on my router the ds light will continuously flash on/off rapidly. This is first time this has happened.
I've turned it off and on few times, now I've just left turned it off for few hours- to see if it was just hot but again, the ds light will flash


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It's my virgin media, wireless, which is doing it, after leaving it off the enet light is flashing now with sync light very barely flashing but rdy/us/usb lights not flashing at all.

My friend told me that as rdy light not flashing it be the virgin wireless router saying that its broken


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These things do fail from time to time, but it could just as easily be a signal issue. I'd check the line first. If you share the line with a phone, do you still have dial tone and can make clear sounding connections? I'd then call VM and have them test the signal and if it's good tell them you have an equipment problem. Since it's supplied by them, I would assume they'd replace it for you.