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Rove Mobile Admin Client: Your Servers in Your Pocket

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by abprice, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Ever need to reset a password while you were out and about? Have to run to find a pc or Wi-Fi to connect back to the office to reboot a server? Need to check on your VMware environment? Now you can do this and more from the comfort of your Android phone.

    Rove Mobile has been around for quite some time for other phones operating system, but it is now available for Android (and they saved the best for last).

    The UI on Android is very friendly and pleasant to the eye. It has been well thought out and flows intuitively. Rove did an excellent job out utilizing the screen space phone has to offer.

    Rove Mobile allows you to perform almost any IT task you can think of from rebooting a server to creating an Exchange account. You can even open a remote command prompt on a server from your phone! With Rove Mobile Admin the limits managing your servers are endless.

    One thing to keep in mind, why the Android app is free the backend server software required is not. The server software comes in two versions. The Professional version is $595 per admin and the Basic version is $295 per admin. Check out the full list of features at Rove.

    Pros - IT Admins get the life back!
    Cons - Cost

    Rating 5 out of 5. This app rocks!


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