RPS Combat - Rock Paper Scissors as a board game



I just release my first Android app/game and would love to get feedback from some of you.

RPS Combat is a chess-like board game played with the rules of Rock Paper Scissors.
At first you place your flag and trap and a secret position. The goal is to find the flag of the opponent.
But don't fall into the trap or you will loose your stone. Move your stones in one of four directions and attack your opponent by moving on his stones. You win the move according to the well-known Rock Paper Scissors rules:

- Rock beats Scissors
- Paper beats Rock
- Scissors beat Paper

The game is pretty simple and doesn't have tons of features. It has some nice and clean graphics. You can play against an AI which was not trivial to implement.

Some screenshots:





Link to the market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mv.android.rpscombat&feature=search_result

Hope you like it!


I think the game is really good, purchased it last week.
It's a very simple game. That's its strength, but also its weakness. While I understand that RPS is always gonna be RPS, I wish there was more to this game. But I don't know what really. Maybe some kind of adventure mode with increasing difficulty and special attacks. Maybe like a... Meteor attack that beats EVERYTHING, and sneak attacks and stealth kills (attacking from behind)... These kind of things.
Maybe also the pieces on the grid could consist of funny looking / interesting characters (but still show whether they are rock, paper or scissor)? That would open up to some kind of "gotta catch 'em all" thing, with unlockable characters and stuff.

Also, bosses would be great! Enemies that takes more than one hit to defeat. Maybe you need to get three hits in a row to kill them. In these fights, you could introduce further strategic options, like blocking a stone grants you a free turn, blocking a scissor heals you...

Well. I guess your simple game isn't very simple any longer. :D
But don't get me wrong. I love the game as it is now as well. Nice looks, good interface, simple gameplay. Great.


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I'm not a fan of making such simple games too complex. It would be a totally different game. The game for now is really meant to be played only from time to time like when you have to wait for someone or when you sit in the bus and that's ok.


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Wow, this game is exciting! I think it takes RPS into a new realm and you did a good job combining the chess factor.

Question: Is the CPU on a random number generator to determing his next move in a tie? I have found in my one game so far he chooses one of three, then the next, then the next again, being predictable. We only had 3 ties, but they were easy. ;)