Rubbing Alcohol/Acetone and the Droid's Plastic Parts?


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More specifically, the rubber/plastic edge that runs around the keyboard the the edge of the keyboard itself (the piece without the letters).

I got a tiny bit of super glue on that rubber/plastic (I'm sure it's plastic but it feels kind of rubbery) edge. I'm debating about trying to remove it (it's almost unnoticeable, except to me, meaning I'll notice it constantly :p).

I know acetone will remove super glue. I've heard that rubbing alcohol can too, which is why I would try it first (it's less caustic than acetone, less chance of damaging the plastic). Is this a bad idea? Also, if rubbing alcohol works, would the alcohol that's on alcohol wipes (like the screen cleaner wipes) work as well? They're both isopropyl so I don't see why it wouldn't (the concentrations may be different, that's the only thing I can think of).

Never applied either of these two things to plastic so I'm not sure what will happen...hence why I'm posting this :D



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bah how did I post this in this forum. can someone move this to the Motorola droid section?

sorry about that :eek:

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