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Support Rugby pro lagggging, like a pro!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by River Dweller, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. River Dweller

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    Nov 22, 2015

    Nov 22, 2015
    I'm so sorry, new to this forum.
    My husband has an AT&T samsung galaxy rugby pro sgh-1547, android version 4.1.2 softwear is up to date.
    Ok, this "pro" aside from the need to shut down all the useless preinstalled apps every few hours (because at&t doesn't want us to have root access) the phone has crawled to a dial-up speed. I click on any icon, the screen sits there, goes black (this is where you have to restrain from clicking on anything) after way to long the app shows a gaint app button type screen then after enough time to find a new tv show, it may or may not open.
    You may want to know what he does with the phone, he waits. My husband knows he isn't tech savey, not a bit, so he gives me the thorn in my side phone to fix.
    I have removed all most every app he has installed, the residual files, transfured all that I can to his not full sdcard, loaded cheetah mobile 1 click boosters, "cm security" had to be removed, restarting 104 times before a warning came up so back to default app. The 1 click boosters help, for about 5 minutes, so he has to clicks them all day.
    I am so frustrated, I don't want to have to get in the habit of doing a factory reset every week like so many people that have the exact same problems, with no permanent fix. Locked into 2yr contract. This phone was/is a good one for him, with the otter box cover to top off the rugby pro's active life phone.
    This seems to be a wide spread problem and samsung should be doing a recall, this many people, on so many forums, can't all possibly be doing the same thing to create the lagging phones response to every tap.
    I am hoping that I have overlooked something cause this is getting so old!
    Please help, I want to hide the phone!
    Thanks for reading me!


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