RUMOR: 4.3 will allow swapping between carrier launcher and stock Android


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Just throwing this rumor out there.

I like this idea, because it means Nexus is no longer the only way to get stock Android minus rooting. But I do note that it:
- will still impact storage space (S4 has several gbs of space taken by their launcher and the launcher software from Samsung would still be present)
- is about having stock Android at time of purchase, not updates to Android

And in all honesty, I am mostly hoping that the alleged camera UI stuff is true (touch anywhere on screen to take a picture, hold anywhere on screen for burst mode, etc.)

Also, I don't believe this to be true. If it COULD be true, it would be KLP true and not JB true.

A supposedly leaked document seems to claim that the next version of the Android Os ( Android 4.3 ) will let you switch between the two versions at will. If this is the case we are witnessing a big improvement to the Android Os. In fact it would mean that any phone could run stock android.

Leaked document suggests all Android 4.3 devices can easily switch between stock android and OEM

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Yeah I don't seeing samsung going along with this one.

Plus there is a ton of programming stuff is changed from company to company that I don't even see how it would be possible.

Having to only write one set of code for every device would make programming much easier on us though.


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yeah, maybe theyll release 4.3 with the code there but realisticly itl only be enabled on Nexus where it isnt needed lol :D
The manufacturers should experiment with the idea though n see how it catches on. I wonder how many people who bought the Htc First phone and switched off the Facebook skin to run pure android :)
And i wonder if the raw android underneath will ever get an update?