Rumor: Samsung/Intel working on an Android fork???


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Sounds so "i cant wait", lol! I hope it won't be disappointing "oh, it's just a tv having android game console inside". Maybe something to do with their new display technology?


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There have been many manufacturers working on their own OS's. The big headlines last year were "OMG samsung is dropping android for tizen" :rolleyes:. Its likely the OS will only be a player in developing markets that don't currently have access to the play store.

Ultimately, nobody is going to use an ecosystem without strong application support, and no dev wants to create an app for a system that nobody uses. Its interesting that Samsung is delaying the release until it gets more apps.


The article linked hinted tizen might be scrapped and a new venture started. Of course, its nothing but rumors

Before Tizen Samsung was doing something called Bada, but that was scrapped in favour of Tizen.

Samsung's response's to Android keep on hitting snags. :D


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Samsung would be better off just sticking with android but increasing the content in their own store i think if they wana get money for content. Id hate for a manufacturer to get so huge though :thumbup: