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Rumour: Windows Phone 7 update coming in February

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Z3US, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast
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    Windows Phone 7 users should mark February 2011 in their calendars, if a source interviewed by Business Insider is to be believed.

    Citing the ''head of a company that develops mobile apps'', the site claimed a ''significant update'' to Microsoft's mobile OS is slated for release in around eight weeks time.

    Topping the list of features and changes in the update is much-reported copy and paste functionality which was last week rolled out to select developer devices. Microsoft has repeatedly confirmed that copy and paste will be coming to consumer devices in ''early 2011''.

    Business Insider's nameless source also claimed the update could make the Windows Phone platform more attractive to the enterprise market by adding a way for companies to deploy in-house apps to phones without first submitting them to the marketplace. Microsoft is also reportedly preparing to relax restrictions on what apps are allowed to do within the operating system, with Business Insider speculating that apps could be allowed to download files directly without going through the browser.

    The Business Insider article adds to growing speculation over the contents of the first Windows Phone 7 update. Last month developer Chris Walsh, best known for his work on the ChevronWP7 unlocker tool, claimed to have early access to the update, which he labelled ''massive''. Mr Walshie promised to release screenshots of the update, but nearly a fortnight on, they had failed to materialise. Microsoft is remaining tight-lipped about the content of the update beyond the aforementioned copy and paste functionality.

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  2. kaine

    kaine Member

    Not sure people will be interested in that.
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    The underlying technology is suited for business applications, but the interface looks more like a social media device. I really wouldn't want to deploy one of these in the enterprise only because it could give users the idea that we condone them tweeting, texting or checking out Facebook when they are supposed to be working. It's hard enough now to keep people focussed.

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