Help Running background services.


Hi All, I have a At&t HTC Inspire 4G droid phone. I have alot of services running in the background and was wondering how I could find out which ones I need and which ones I could delete?.


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What you really need to do is to understand the way Android works. It is unfortunate that a lot of customer service reps take the easy, albeit erroneous, way out and tell people to install task killers.

Here is a decent article for you.

Killing background services (which probably aren't running or consuming resources) will only run your battery down faster and could possibly make your phone unstable. There are many tips and tweaks to enhance the performance of specific devices, so if you let us know what phone you have we can point you in the right direction.

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A general advice - don't touch it!
Those are running mostly as needed. The only time you need to check things, if you installed an application and suspect that its service is consuming too much system resources.


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I'm running Watchdog just let let me know when I have something running over 90% since that's why I set the threshold at.


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I use this too just make sure you get watchdog lite and not 3G watchdog as that monitors your data usage.

Yeah that's the one I have. I have to change my settings yesterday so that I only get one notification from it cause I was driving and listening to Slacker Radio and it kept giving me notifications like every minute.