Running hot...battery running down.


Not sure what's going on, but I'm not using my phone any more than normal, but for the last few days, the back of it is running hot and my battery is wearing down at least twice as fast.

Any suggestions?


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Are there any apps open that you don't realize? If you look at the battery usages stats, it should tell you what is using it the most. Make sure there isn't something wonky going on. As for running hot, I'd say it's probably got the same reason as above. Start there and we can hopefully figure something out.


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The processor consumes electric current to function. The more it functions, the more current it draws. The side effect is heat.

If your phone is warm, it's 'doing' more things. Check the battery usage stats or use a task killer to see what is open. If an application is doing this regularly and you didn't initiate it, kill the program. If it keeps doing this, uninstall it and reinstall it.


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I really think you should visit the thread in my sig, which is stickied as well.
You have told us nothing to go by though...
Possible update refreshes like calendars, Facebook, etc...
Maybe the 2.1 update as of recent is trying to push to your phone but OTA certs aren't there...

We need more info - and if you need basics on kernels, heat, and battery, I suggest you read up as there is tons of info and threads on these subjects.