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Running out of space on my Desire.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nagrom, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Nagrom

    Nagrom Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys.

    Like so many others, I'm quickly running out of space on my Desire.

    I've read the threads regarding this, and tried the advice. Backing up Apps to the SD card, clearing cache's etc. I only have about 40 contacts, but I now have only 7MB left.

    I feel VERY let down by the lack of space on this phone. It should have over 500MB internal. I cant see that I've used up all that.

    Is a factory reset now my ONLY option?

    Thanks in advance


  2. mr.hachi

    mr.hachi Member

    Have you got the HTC Email client eating up your memory? that's what happened to me and if that is the case a factory reset is the only way to solve it then use a 3rd party email app like K-9
  3. Nodders

    Nodders Android Enthusiast

    The option I took was to root my phone and installs App2SD. Yes FroYo will add this functionality anyway, but on previous form HTC will take a while to get this out.

    I was bricking it as I started the process in case I erm, well bricked it if you see what I mean, but in the end following the steps to the letter, it was fairly easy. Now, rather thana near full internal memory, I have exactly the same apps installed but have only used 36mb out of the 147mb. Problem solved.

    You can find an excellent guide on the stickies on the rooting subforum but of course note there are potential risks.
  4. furious duck

    furious duck Well-Known Member

    No need to do the factory reset. You've already got Android and Sense installed which eats into the space available. A new Desire will have in the region (i can't remember exactly) of 130MB free and the only thing that's going to eat into that further are the apps that you install. So you need to go into Settings | Applications | Manage Applications | Menu | Sort by Size and then delete any that you don't need. Until you get a 2.2 upgrade or Root your phone then this is the only option available to you.
  5. hilly81

    hilly81 Newbie

    I did this on my Desire. Added up everthing in the Manage Applications list and the total memory used was 94.524 MB. Using the device Information App it tells me i have 147 MB total internal memory with only 20 free. 94.5 + 20 = 114.5 MB. Where has the other 32 MB of memory dissapeared too? Or am I missing something?
  6. furious duck

    furious duck Well-Known Member

    Not sure in your case tbh. I've just downloaded the information app to check mine and I've got 16 meg free and my apps take up 131 meg. Is your SD & phone storage in Settings reporting the same amount of available space?
  7. hilly81

    hilly81 Newbie

    It is indeed. Exactly the same.
  8. Nagrom

    Nagrom Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    Okay thanks for all the advice and tips guys. I've opted for this for the moment. I'll update to 2.2, but till then, I'm too scared to "root" my baby LOL.

    Thanks again.

  9. hilly81

    hilly81 Newbie

    Also with mine the amount of memory used changes both more and less daily despite me not installing or uninstalling any new apps or changing anything. These are up to 5-6MB swings!! Whats going on??
  10. furious duck

    furious duck Well-Known Member

    Internet cache? Or other apps caching data? The app size including its cache should be reflected in the size reported by Manage Applications in settings. Just tap on the app to to see if it has a cache. Internet and Maps are the only ones that leap to mind though.
  11. Bashar

    Bashar Newbie

    i'm on froyo and still facing this problem

    i moved all possible movable apps to sdcard

    i had to delete many apps i need and kept them on my HTC Hero and half on HTC Desire so i can survive

    what the hell? why can't it be like Galaxy with 8GB or 16GB internal or why cant it use everything on SDcard?
  12. moe3754

    moe3754 Well-Known Member

    Moving app's to SD card is up to the app developer, if they want to allow it then it will happen but if they are against it then it will never happen, so I would say go through and figure out which apps you use the most and keep them and get rid of the less important one's, if they all are important then you need to just live with it!!!
  13. wellibob

    wellibob Well-Known Member

    The Desire is plagued with lack of storage space. Only way out, is to root, and put on a custom rom, and force those pesky apps to the SD card.
  14. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

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  15. vincento

    vincento Lurker

    so whats the better option then lecter, if you want a decent amount of apps..?
  16. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

  17. dinaro

    dinaro Well-Known Member

    I'm in the same boat, but I'm very selective of my apps so thats my saving grace.
  18. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    No need to be selective using that guide! ;)
  19. vincento

    vincento Lurker

    wow, thanks! :) did not know.. will check it out..
  20. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    Remember the "thanks" button! ;)
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  21. wellibob

    wellibob Well-Known Member

    I forgot about the option to move data to sd on unrooted devices, but i stand by the best option is put on a custom rom. I can control the leakage of apps to the internal space this way. I tried the other, and still ran out of space.
  22. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    How many apps do you have???? :eek:
  23. wellibob

    wellibob Well-Known Member

    I dont have that many on my Desire. Next time i put a rom on the Desire, after ive wiped and cleared data, i`ll check how much internal memory i have, before i start to add apps. I suspect it wasnt cleared correctly last time. I only wish the Desire had the space like my SGS has, but operational wise, the Desire is just so smooth campared to any other droid ive tried.
  24. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    I have a ton of apps and still have 90% left on my Desire! ;)
  25. wellibob

    wellibob Well-Known Member

    I suspect somethinks going amiss when i do it then...hmmmm

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