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Oct 23, 2010
hi guys,

so once again im thinking about updating my ol m8 viper 1.8 :)
.....but its been a long time since I got into this :/

if I recall correctly this is what I need to do:

1.install sunshine - as im still s-on
2.locate RUU ...somewhere
4.run RUU update
5.flash latest viper

.....im guessing I just have to get the latest RUU rather than run the 5.0 version too?

many thanks

.... I might get too scared, or run out of time ... but you never know :D

just found Captn's ruu link in viper thread - thanks
so im guessing I need this RUU - as have international/uk device and did the htc dev unlock

yikes! just found my last venture in to this gig, and it seems worse than I remembered! :( :D
...I need new twrp and stock roms first etc :/
bugger :(
Woo hoo - finally :) . You don't need to go s-off as long as you can find a signed RUU that matches your CID and modelid. You're in the UK aren't you (?) so I strongly suspect your modelid will be ok. Who's your carrier, and what version are you on? If it's a x.xx.401.x version I can point you to a signed Marshmallow RUU :D .

Shout if need be.

Edit: having said that, with s-off you'll be able to sort out any major issues (not that there will be any) more easily so if you're going to do it I'd do it before upgrading to 6.0.
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:D hi saltire - I know! a shocker right :D

that 6.0 ruu sounds cool thanks - yes im in uk - the 401 code is that the build number?
if so then mine is 1.54.401.5.CL32.....release keys

Possibly, but that's just the Viper software build - we should really check what the firmware version is. You got access to a PC and fastboot on it? If you boot phone to bootloader, connect to pc and in command prompt type:

fastboot getvar all

Under Version-main it will have a number in form x.xx.401.x

This will also have your CID number and modelid (this will be 0P6B10000 though I bet ;) ).

Edit: if you can remember/know this stuff just say so, it'll save some typing :)
ah ok - cool thanks - will fire up me ol xp laptop - thank that had adb on it etc

...well it still works .... and it has adb on it :D
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yes on the first one
just checking the others...

cid num just says 02____001 :/

modelid is 0p6b10000
Yeah, that MM RUU isn't going to work for you as your CID isn't one of the general WWE numbers. You'd would have to do a search for a specific O2 RUU that also matches your firmware version. Is the OS line on the bootloader blank as well, 'cos if it is we're not going to be able to confirm the firmware version unfortunately?

You're nbest bet may just be getting s-off out the way now. You need to get the latest TWRP flashed, and I can point you to a stock O2 TWRP backup to restore for running Sunshine. If you want to go this route, in here you can grab the latest TWRP, find the older android version stock backups for the O2 CIDs in post 2, and the stock recoveries in post 4:

bugger :( .... yes os line is blank also :/

ok cool thanks for links - so I flash twrp - then restore the stock backup ..assume that mean nandroid of some random rom? - then run sunshine

Yep pretty much, here's one I made earlier - post here is the process in detailed steps

HTC One M8 unusable!

but in Step 1 you need to download your O2 TWRP backup from the xda link above - probably go for as best match we have for your firmware version. Then I think you will need to flash SuperSU via recovery first before running Sunshine, as I think Sunshine now needs phone to be rooted first again now (when I did it there was temp root exploit built-in).

You won't need to do 5), and definitely don't do 6) just in case :)
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I do .... but it is still worth saying again :D

....assume there is actually a viper for 6.0 ?

many thanks for all the info

....ah yes the latest is MM 6.0 it seems - cool
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Ha, actually I didn't know if there was one - I switched to SD (on 6.0) 'cos Viper CPU control kept conflicting with ElementalX kernel and the EX kernel app. There's a lack of customisation options but finding the responsiveness and battery life excellent.
ah interesting - was just looking at SD - do you recommend it over viper then at the mo?
I'm in a strip-it-back mode at the moment - so yeah. Also going to give Lyapota's Jazz rom a go at some point but got to get a 6.0 rom on my N7 this weekend :D

Oh yeah, be warned the mount points locations in 6.0 for some stuff have changed :mad: - if you use Titanium you'll have to update the backup location in Prefs and I had to use the Detect button to pick them up on ext sd card.
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bugger - my twrp flash didn't work :( said it did it ok but don't have a recovery anymore :/

...stuck on entering recovery pink text.....
phew! adb reboot sorted it - scary! :D

assume I need to flash my old recovery then?
... I did find 2.8.6 lying around on my drive
its a twrp mutlirom m8 286 201504
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probably - would I have flashed the bootloader when I did original viper flash? ...its the only one ive done

.....not acutally used the 2.8.6 one either ... as mine was still 2.7.0....
About to go offline as I'm out tonight. Be about on and off tomorrow, so will try and keep tabs in case you get seriously stuck.

ok cool thanks - have a good evening out :)

hboot is 3.16.0 btw

...just dloaded fresh but still no receovery showing :/
...all I did is the fastboot flash recovery xxxx correct ?
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