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RUU or Official release FYI

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slimboutit, May 15, 2010.

  1. slimboutit

    slimboutit Member
    Thread Starter

    I stayed away fromm rooting, and the leaked test RUU. I finally flashed the new 2.1 realease leak because I'm giving this phone to my daughter next week in preperation for me getting the EVO and I wanted to play with 2. 1 on the hero first. Here's my Issue I backed my apps and reinstalled them after flashing with Astro instead through the market beause it's faster. What I didn't realize is that by doing that only paid apps will show up in your download section of the market. You will still have all of your apps in your programs just not showing up that you have them in the market.

    Just a FYI if anybody else wants to run the RUU or probably even when the official sprint release comes out you will get one oportunity the first time you open the market to get them in your market downloads because only paid apps show up after that.

    Anybody know if I will still get updates on free apps on the phone without them showing up in the market or better yet is there a way to get the market to recognize the market apps on the phone and add them to my downloads.

    Update: My free apps showed up in my Market Downloads, I don't really know what I did to get them there. They seemed to have appeared after I updated google maps for some reason

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  2. mattheis

    mattheis Member

    funny, mine did the opposite. apps were there, updated gmap, then they were gone. weird.
  3. barnacles

    barnacles Android Enthusiast

    Usually if you push programs to the phone, not through market, they don't show up. At least that is what I have experienced. I push all my apks through ABD and none of them show in the market..
  4. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    So how is the new Google maps, is it much better than the one with 1.6 ??
  5. slimboutit

    slimboutit Member
    Thread Starter

    I never had 1.6, I came from stock 1.5. I don't remember all what it could do before, but now you can pinch zoom in any view including street view. Google navigation is there and it seems pretty good. It is very accurate on my phone. It can show me in my office or other places in the building and which direction I'm facing.
  6. xbrokdikdogx

    xbrokdikdogx Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I was talking about this with my kids yesterday. My daughter and I noticed that while in Walmart it was able to show us exactly where we were in the store the entire time, including which way we were facing. I can remember when I was on 1.5 on the Behold 2, T-mobile service, that using Maps even outdoors sometimes I could show up as being a few blocks away from the actual spot.
  7. cephraim

    cephraim Well-Known Member

    Try aTrackDog for seeing updates to all apps on your phone.

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