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S GS2 Battery Life Draining way too fast.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by perryibanez, May 5, 2012.

  1. perryibanez

    perryibanez Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok, I love my Samsung GS2 and the battery life is amazing on it compared to any of my friends android phones... I have consistently gotten 2days + Of battery life from one charge with moderate use. Also if i am using it religiously it easily lasts a day. Hell i can watch streamed movies or even games / playstation Emulator and it will go for well over 10 hours on a single charge.

    HOWEVER!!! :(

    As of a few days ago my phone has started randomly becoming very hot in my pocket around the upper end of the phone, very near to the camera lens, so naturally everytime this happens i investigate and find that my battery is literally tanking down. It can drop 25% in 10 minutes... This seems to happen randomly and lasts for about 10-15minutes. So every couple of hours i lose 25% charge roughly whilst my phone becomes incredibly hot, i have turned my phone off during these periods a few times from fear of it overheating, once i turned it back on after it had cooled down i had lost 40% of my charge...

    Ive tried a few things like removing the battery for over a minute... Tanking my battery down to a very low charge and charging it back to full with the phone turned off as i heard this calibrates the battery. I have uninstalled a shit load of apps i stopped using and also any recent apps i had installed. Also as far as im aware it hasnt updated anytime recently nor is an update available for me at the moment.

    Im on Three (UK) if that helps...

    Anyway after fully charging it and not using it at all i waited until it got hot again then checked what was eating the battery, the two highest are Dialer and Google services. Ive tried a few things like clearing the data on these and forcestopping them. It hasnt made any difference at the moment nor does it hault the battery from tanking when this "hot mode" happens.

    At the moment i am draining my battery down until my phone dies then charging it back up to full, i read it worked for some other people however i dont think it will do anything as i feel my battery is fine... Hell ive been playing a streamed movie on it now for 4 hours from 16% battery and it still hasnt died on me yet.

    Anyway thanks for your time and for reading about my problem, and i hope someone can help me solve this issue.

    Im going to download an app later to track the battery usage in more detail, i believe its called better battery stats or something similar to that.


  2. perryibanez

    perryibanez Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Been messing around with my phone today... Went to work and 12 hours into my shift i had used 12% Battery life, i was happy it had gone so long without the heating up and battery drain occurring.

    Then the phone started heating up so i quickly checked my battery usage and the dialer and google services apps had started climbing the ladder on most usage quickly, this time instead of just force closing the dialer i force closed Google services aswell. This immediately solved the battery drain and my phone quickly returned to a normal temperature.

    Then around 2 hours later it happened again so i did the same thing, again it was successful however this time i had a cancel circle icon on the top of my homescreen. I didnt know what it was so i ignored it, then when i tried to make a phone call as i noticed i had no signal bar i quickly learned i wasnt connected to my network at all. So i restarted my phone and this immediately dropped my battery charge down a whopping 37%.

    So now i know what the problem is, google services app and the dialer app are randomly starting and then wrecking my battery life. How do i stop this from happening?

    Also i had not rang or received a call from anyone so i have no clue as to why the dialer app is starting up.


    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    Pretty serious problem. Have you tried clearing data for the dialer app or google services (if you can find it in the app list)? Have you tried factory reset?

    Don't know how else to help. Maybe you can bring it in to the service center although I suspect they will tell you to factory reset the phone and say it is an app problem, or a microSD problem... etc. They will still tell you to factory reset.
  4. perryibanez

    perryibanez Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Still have'nt found a solution... Every time i feel my phone becoming hot i clear the data and force stop my Dialer and Google services app. This successfully stop's my battery from draining at an alarming rate and returns my phone to a normal state.

    This is a temporary solution to the problem for now but i would like any assistance on a permanent one if anyone can think of one. I don't really feel like doing a factory reset on my phone just yet. Would rather save it as a last minute resort.

    Also after some researching i found out that other people had a similar problem which started on march 12th. Which was around the time i started having problems. However the fix they found wasn't useful to myself as i didn't have the same options in my menu's.

  5. perryibanez

    perryibanez Lurker
    Thread Starter

  6. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Have you tried the Factory Reset mentioned by Russell earlier to see if this is happening when no app's are loaded?
  7. i have been experiencing this very same problem with mine, tried all the same things as you (force stopping running services, including dialer and google services) and still the battery and the overheating problem was present (and almost scalding my leg - would get to 40deg+ C !).

    I figured that it may be an errant app going haywire, but I think i have narrowed it down to the 'mobile network state' constantly trying to connect to the network.

    When it was overheating, I went through 'settings' to 'about phone' and then 'status'. Here i found the 'mobile network state' constantly flicking from 'connecting' to disconnected', and i just couldn't stop it from trying to connect. This happened when i was in Spain last week (and with the data network already turned off), when i was inbetween the Northern Irish and Irish borders also last week (so, the phone would flick between roaming and non-roaming. Additionally, with data roaming switched to 'national only'), and finally when i was on the London underground this morning.

    This problem only seems to have randomly started now as have never had a problem (certainly never on my daily underground commute). Have had the phone since Oct '11 on the 3 Network and haven't as yet bothered with upgrading to ICS.

    I guess factory reset may be the next option, but just seems a bit random to have reared its ugly head only now.

    Any tips or fixes would be most welcome.

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