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S-OFF + root with flashing method

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dotuletz2, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Dotuletz2

    Dotuletz2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    New mothod of rooting HTC WildFire (buzz) - credits go out to androidybloidy from xda.
    Full topic over to xda: Rooting HTC Wildfire (BUZZ) 2.2.1 with HBOOT 1.01.0002 !! FULL GUIDE (28/6/2011) - xda-developers (sorry for copy/paste, but i really don't have the time and i wanted to save the thread somewhere else besides xda)

    S-OFFing the Device

    Downgrade to HTC Froyo WWE for AlphaRevX (HBOOT 1.01.0001)
    You can't s-off HBOOT 1.01.0002 !
    Therefore, downgrading the HBOOT to 1.01.0001 is must for the meantime, to get an efficient S-OFF.
    So, here’s a small package to help you do this.
    click here.

    Extract this package somewhere you can find it, like your “Desktop” for example.

    Step 1: run step1.bat from the package. This will downgrade your MISC partition to allow for the RUU downgrade.

    At the end, GoldCardTool will start up, to allow you to create a goldcard which you will need before starting Step 2.

    How to deal with Gold-Card Tool:
    1. Switch off your phone, remove your microSD card.
    2. Insert the microSD card into your card reader, connect it to your computer and format the card to FAT32 file system.
    3. Insert the card into your HTC Wildfire and power it on.
    4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your phone in Menu > Settings > Applications > Development.
    5. Connect the phone to your computer via USB and set the mode to charge only.
    6. Launch Gold-Card Tool on your computer and click ‘GetCID’.
    7. Copy the CID code from the text box and click the link shown below that text box to open it in your browser window.
    8. In the browser window, enter all the details required and submit that form.
    9. You should now get an email from PSAS in a few minutes. Open it and download the ‘GoldCard.img’ attachment.
    10. Now set your phone’s USB mode to Mass Storage.
    11. In Gold-Card Tool, click ‘Refresh’.
    12. Select your mounted SD card from the drop-down menu saying “HTC MMC:”
    13. Click ‘Load Goldcard.img’ and select the file downloaded in Step 11.
    14. Click ‘Patch MMC’ and your Gold Card will be created. You may exit Gold Card Tool once done.

    After you've made the goldcard, and patched it, continue with step 2.

    Step 2: run step2.bat from the package. This will downgrade your ROM version to HTC WWE Froyo for Wildfire (unbranded).
    If you get a Customer ID error while doing this, your goldcard is not working!
    Create a new goldcard and re-run step2.


    * Steps:
    1st You need to get to: alpharev.nl/x/beta/ to download the tool, and to get your “beta key” which you’ll get in a pop-up window in the same download page after you click the download link for (windows version).
    The “beta key” is a must; the tool won’t work without it!
    You’ll be asked to provide your phone “serial no.”, typically it should be something like HTXXETDXXXXX, and you can get it from:
    Settings --> about phone --> phone identity.

    Now, do the following:
    1. Run latest version of HTC Sync on your PC and connect phone in HTC Sync mode and sync all your files. Remove HTC Sync and not the drivers.
    2. Reboot phone.
    3. Settings->Applications->Development->Check “USB Debugging”.
    4. Run AlphaRevX and connect phone to PC in “Charge Only mode”.
    5. AlphaRevX should recognize your phone and show your Device Serial number.
    7. Type out the “key” in the AlphaRevX software, keeping in mind the upper and lower case letters and press enter (you can copy / paste the key).
    8. AlphaRevX should start doing its job and you’ll get S-OFF in less than 90 seconds.
    9. If it takes longer, just wait for the 15 minutes mark, if nothing, then reboot phone and retry.
    (Some members got S-OFF after multiple tries)

    Rooting the device:
    Step 1 - Installing the USB drivers
    Download USB drivers (here) and extract them on desktop. Turn off your wildfire and boot into HBOOT by holding the VOLUME DOWN + POWER button. Connect your phone to your PC and it will show "drivers installing" or similar there for Android device. When prompted, install the drivers by going to device manager and browsing to the folder where you extracted the drivers. Once installed, disconnect and reboot your phone normally.
    Now you need to install the “Android bootloader interface”.
    Connect your HTC wildfire to the PC and it will ask for drivers again, now go to device manager, click on unknown device “other devices”.
    Click on update driver -> install from specific location -> No i will choose to install -> choose Android phone and click on “adb interface” -> click next -> when asked to install click on continue anyway, just install them.
    Once done you will see your phone recognized as "Android bootloader interface".
    Now disconnect your phone and go into:
    Settings -> applications - > development - > enable USB Debugging.

    Step 2 - Downgrading from Android 2.2.1 Froyo to Android 2.1

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  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Yh it works :)
    Rooted my phone a week ago, btw do you have any compatible kernels and roms?
  3. sg20215

    sg20215 Newbie

    Hi guys im new to android and im trying to root my wildfire so that it is faster :cool: . I got up to step 2 and when I run the script i press enter but it stays on "waiting for device". My phone goes to the HBOOT but then what do I do :thinking: My phone is still in Disk Mode from making the Gold Card, should it be in charge only? Do I have to press something in the HBOOT menu? Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks, sg20215
  4. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    After making the Gold card, you no longer need it to be in Disk Mode, (because the computer will only recognise your Wildfire as a storage device)

    Change to "Charge mode"
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  5. sg20215

    sg20215 Newbie

    I did what you said but it stayed on "waiting for device" although this time in the HBOOT it loaded a ZIP file (I can't remember the name) but I can't find anything that has changed. Is this what is meant to happen? Or what have I done wrong? Sorry for my noobish questions
  6. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Ok where exactly does it say "waiting for device"?
    1) In command prompt on windows (the black screen with white letters and numbers)
    2) When you open the "RUU rom"?

    Take a printscreen of it and attach it to your next post
  7. sg20215

    sg20215 Newbie

    So the first time I plug it in and open "step2" and click "enter" it says this -

    So I restart "step2" and press "enter", then it works -

    But the phone stays on this -
    What am I doing wrong?
  8. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Dude you still have hboot 1.01.0002.
    You gotta start from the beginning where you downgrade to Hboot 1.01.0001
    It's impossible to turn s-on off with 1.01.0002

    I think rooting Wildfire 2.2.1 is the longest process ever
  9. sg20215

    sg20215 Newbie

    It's always the simple things :rolleyes:
    I'm getting one of my mates to do it for me tonight but thanks for helping me out Kid_android, very appreciated

  10. MrTonyy

    MrTonyy Lurker

    Hey dude hows it going, im trying to root my wildfire and am having trouble. Is the top section supposed to downgrade the hboot or is it for something else. I cant seem to downgrade my hboot. Any ideas?
  11. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    The above steps is how to downgrade your HBoot to 1.01.0001 (only do this if you have HBoot 1.01.0002)
    To find out your HBoot version: On your Wildfire follow these steps
    [Turn of your phone]>Hold volume/power button at the same time

    Read my comment for the quote above :)
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  12. muscatmat

    muscatmat Lurker

    After rooting with unrevoked what can be done to improve systems and install custom roms?
  13. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Ok i will create a new thread especially for your question here is the link
  14. 1988chris

    1988chris Lurker

    i have an htc wildfire bee it has hboot 1.30.000 and i cant get s off i have tryed this method but i havent had any luck it does go through the boot and everything but when it loads back up it is still s on any ideas?

    i was able to root it though but cant get s off..... :( :( :(
  15. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Hey dude
    I was kind of confused about your htc wildfire bee but then i realised that you have the US version of Wildfire and i have the UK version, also i have never heard of a Wildfire having a hboot of 1.30.000 only the EVO 3D.
    Could you provide a picture of your Wildfire when you have your hboot up?

    I dont have any solutions for you but ill keep you posted if i do
  16. 1988chris

    1988chris Lurker

    ok sorry it took so long but here is the pic of my boot screen with the 1.30.0000 boot

    Attached Files:

  17. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Its fine
    Hey dude sorry but i cant seem to find anything to help
    I read something about using SuperOneClickv1.9.1-ShortFuse.Drivers <- that, but i havent seen much Wildfire users talk about it.

    You can use a link here, some person said they used z4root? (which i dont personally like using)

    Ill still try and look for something though
  18. Ca5p3r69

    Ca5p3r69 Newbie

    not 100 percent step 1 even worked but wen i do step 2 as soon as i hit enter it just exits out of that black screen so i cant even see wat it says on it wat to do from ere ? man im dat close to smashing dis stupid wildfire pls help b4 i do....
  19. Ca5p3r69

    Ca5p3r69 Newbie

    I've been told u can get the S-off wif an xtc clip has anyone rooted the wildfire that way ? If so wat app will root it once u get the S-off wif d xtc clip ?
  20. chezzo41

    chezzo41 Lurker

    hi, do i have to connect the phone to pc through USB, in step 1 ? when i press enter to start...it show "Adb is not recognized as internal or external command"..
  21. 1988chris

    1988chris Lurker

    Hey man search for superoneclick on Google I rooted my phone that way but can't get s off
  22. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Yes you have to connect the phone but certain parts need the phone to be in certain states of connection e.g. When using Goldcard - Wildfire should be in Mass Storage, When using downgrade tool - Wildfire should be in Charge Mode

    Have you installed ADB?? you have to get it off Android SDK

    Oh so my suggestion worked???
    Ah well s-off isnt always needed just at certain times, you can live with a rooted phone with s-on, its just the process that you use to root you phone will determine if you have s-off or not
  23. 1988chris

    1988chris Lurker

    i rooted my htc bee before u said that i found it out a long time ago just cant get s off and i think i need it off to install custom roms
  24. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Ahhh i see
    Did you try unrevoked??
    Im guessing yes
  25. 1988chris

    1988chris Lurker

    yea and it said device bee unsuported at this time :( :( :(

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