Mar 12, 2010
Dayton, OH
Successfully achieved S-Off running CleanROM 4.3, but unfortunately the SD card can't be mounted anymore without reverting to GB. Is there any way to revert to GB and keep my apps/data/etc.? I created a nandroid backup, but I'm not sure if I can restore individual components of it after flashing (I also have Titanium pro if that would be easier). Any advice?
-create a backup
-run the full ruu for the firmware you want to use
-install recovery as an RUU or PH98IMG file
-restore backup :)

if you want to run an ICS backup on GB firmware,youll need to flash the patch to get your sd card to show up again.

the card will need formatted in the pc in a cardreader before you can use it again
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I just flashed the RUU img file after renaming and it doesn't appear to want to boot up. Should I have run the exe? I had thought the processes accomplished the same thing.
Fix was easier than I thought, I flashed 4.3 but I was still running GB firmware. I had downloaded the ICS hboot...I just flashed the GB one and voila, Re-Locked S-Off
I have been consistently having this problem as I fail to get S-OFF over and over and over again. All you have to do is reformat the card - FAT 32. Good to go.

I still CANNOT get this to work.