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Oct 29, 2010
Winnipeg, Canada
I have a Jabra Cruiser2 bluetooth hands free unit in my car. It connects and pairs with my Galaxy S3 and I can call someone and talk to them using it. However, S Voice doesn't work with it. When I press the microphone on S Voice to say a command the audio wave thing doesn't move and then after a while it just says "Sorry I couldn't understand that". It's like it's not getting the audio. I know the audio works because I can make phone calls using the bluetooth.

Can anyone help? Has anyone gotten this to work?

The main reason I want to get this working is for voice dialling. I used Vlingo Car Mode on my Galaxy S Captivate and with it I could say "Call John at Work" and it would call him. I installed Vlingo but it crashes constantly on the Galaxy S3 and when I contacted Vlingo they said that the app doesn't work on the S3. (Which is strange, because I believe S Voice is powered by Vlingo isn't it?)

Anyway, this is really frustrating as I basically can't use my phone via bluetooth while driving which means I have to pull over, hand dial, and then start driving again.

Any ideas?
Yes it works, but you have to tap the home or power button to get to the lockscreen first. Then you can tap whichever button on you headset to initiate a call. Then say " call so and so" and it will dial.

Again, if your phone is asleep, you have to wake it first, tho that certainly limits the convenience factor....
Same thing is happening now with my S3 as well. S-voice used to work OK in the car with Bluetooth and since I've done the last firmware upgrade from Samsung a week ago it quit working. It does work however when the phone is not connected via Bluetooth. Looking for a solution as well. Thanks!
In my GM vehicle with Bluetooth I just say "Bluetooth" then say "Voice" which opens S-Voice and streams the mic over Bluetooth. Works most of the time but S-Voice has difficulty with background noise.
hey, through lots and lots of googling...i *may have found the culprit

most car BT dont support AS2P.

S-voice sends commands and voice over AS2P

however your calls are sent as a2dp.

I cant find any apps that force a2dp.

Can we get this sorted out finally?

anyone want to make sense of this?
I have the exact same "Jabra Cruiser2 bluetooth hands free unit" in my car and until the last update, all I had to do was tap the button on the bluetooth device and say who to call. But since the last update, this no longer works. :(
well, i used some bt mono forcing apps, and sure enough S-voice now works through the car speakers.

so we just need to figure out how to force s-voice and gps only to send the audio in a different way.

seems simple.

the btmono apps are not too useful, as they make the call quality suck.

we want s-voice and nav only to be sent mono