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S1 OS 2.5 for lephone w100,w101

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sepurterbang, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. sepurterbang

    sepurterbang Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi there...

    i've been waiting for this, finally the S1(successor lephone) is out. with almost same processor and RAM

    so i guess S1 OS can flashing into lephone..this rom write as 6084 but actually 6094, and it fix Allphone OS 2.5_6083 automatic brightness and video camera, and load sdcard better.

    here is the link

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  2. sepurterbang

    sepurterbang Newbie
    Thread Starter

    and the data package for the game,video and etc

    Nothing to say, S1's OS2.5-6094 version of the pre-resources, a total of 1.7GB size, I divided into three areas by use of a total of four compressed packets, facilitate on-demand download.

    S1 can be used in addition to the above, can also be used lotus root graft models for 3GW100 and 3GW101 6094 edition. Download see:
    transfer from the S1, OS2.5-6094 firmware, 3GW100 special
    transfer from the S1, OS2.5-6094 firmware, 3GW101 dedicated

    first: S1-37AH0 resources V1.1-6094 preset factory settings, themes and documentation. Which is required reading library journals, to restore factory settings with presets resources, S1-specific pea pod wizard, S1 manual electronic version, as well as some sample pictures, music and video. Archive Size: 155.63MB

    Download: S1-37AH0????V1.1-6094???????????.rar115??|??|115??U?-????|??????

    second: S1-37AH0 preset resource V1.1-6094 6 packets of wild drag racing. This says nothing, that is, the game packet, compressed packet size 443.14MB.
    Download: S1-37AH0????V1.1-6094?????6???.rar115??|??|115??U?-????|??????

    Third: S1-37AH0 resources V1.1-6094 pre-high German navigation map data, a total of two compressed. The first compressed packet 858.31MB, the second compressed 443.14MB:
    first Zip: S1-37AH0????V1.1-6094???????.part1.rar115??|??|115??U?-????|??????
    second Zip: http://u.115. com/file/aqzfk6q9#
    download the complete folder into the same extract.

    How to use: compressed folder inside the extracted directly to memory card you can.

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