Help S2 i9100 wont turn on


Hey guys,
Last night I was charging my phone up on my laptop as usual, and when it got to 100% I took it off, but the USB icon was still in the top left side of my notification bar, which was unusual. Later when i went up to bed, i noticed that the icon was still there and i decided to turn the phone off and let it rest for a bit to drain any memory etc (i dont like icons up there lol) then when i put the charger in, it kept flashing up the charging icon on the main screen (i hadnt turned it back on so it was just the pic of the battery charging) and it kept vibrating randomly and flashing up with the icon, i then took the charger out and it STILL kept flashing up with the charging icon and vibrating so i took the battery out and left it alone again. about 30 minutes later i attempted to put the battery in and turn the phone on...i got nothing....i tried the volume up + home + power, and yellow writing flashed up saying press volume down to cancel reboot or volume up to resume, but that disappeared before i even got chance to press anything....nothing happened.....left the battery out all night and then when i woke up i decided to try again...NOTHING HAPPENED!:mad::thinking:

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense


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Same problem my daughter's GT-I9100 is having. I've not had time to look at it yet. I did have her test with a fully charged battery from my old GT-I9100 that I sold to a friend and her's still would not power on. I hope to fix it, but not sure yet.