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S2 not reading SD card after reboot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kiiat, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. kiiat

    kiiat Member
    Thread Starter

    something weird happened. i tried to move an app to my SD card, it froze, then the phone started heating up so i shut it down and did a battery pull (it was getting way hot even after shut down).

    when i restarted, it was fine but now i can't access apps that are on my sd card and all my music is gone (stored on sd card). the weird thing is, all the apps that were on the card still appear on the home screen but greyed out with a small sd icon by it and when i try to click on it, this message appears: "application not installed on phone".

    i tried to move an app to the sd card and an error message appears "not enough memory".

    any reason why this happens and how i can access those apps/get my music back? it's as though it was wiped clean.

    it's a 16gb card and zdbox says that there's 9gb left so the phone seems to detect it.

    i'm lost! any help would bbe appreciated.

    thanks :(

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  2. bluekarlo

    bluekarlo Newbie

    This happened to me few time (the sd icon thing) but all I did was wait for a while or reboot it again.

    For the music wipe, never happened to me.
  3. kiiat

    kiiat Member
    Thread Starter

    i'm wondering if the increase in temp after freezing and my reboot screwed up the card.

    i popped in another card and it worked fine. tried the old card and still not reading it... weird!

    hoping someone can help...

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